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Vex Robotics

"The World faces an unprecedented need for new innovators, thinkers, and problem-solving leaders."


                  estern Mechatronics is a non-profit                              association based in Calgary, Alberta.                          We're dedicated to helping immerse students and teenagers alike into the world of STEM research and robotics. Western Mechatronics provides educational resources and opportunities through Vex Robotics and the Vex Robotics Competiton. Completely youth-run, we're determined to help build the Next Generation of Engineers.


Connect and empower the youth with robotics opportunities through VEX Robotics Competitions.


We envision robotics as an opportunity to empower students to excel and lead the STEM field. 

We're a multipurpose non-profit focused on creating an accessible, diverse, and inclusive community of robotics and AI enthusiasts.

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Jonathan is a grade 12 Full IB student at Western Canada High school. He's the Lead Programmer for team 210Y. Jonathan is outgoing, hardworking, and enjoys helping others. Jonathan looks to expand the field of robotics to his fellow students and peers.


Ian is a grade 12 IB student at Western Canada High school and has always had an insatiable knack for building and inventing new designs. As the lead builder, designer, and driver for the Provincial Champion team 210Y, Ian looks to expand his talents and mentor the youth about robotics and engineering. 


Justin Zhou

Justin is a 4th-year students studying Electrical Engineering at the  University of Calgary. As a pioneer in VEX Robotics in Alberta and former team captain of team 6649C, Justin is a trailblazer for hands-on STEM learning. This year, Justin is evolving his VEX career as a builder for the new UofC vex team |ABS| and as a team coach for team 210Y. 


Jonathan Zhou 

Ian Wang


Director of External

Eric Wen is a grade 12 Full IB student at Western Canada High School. With decorated campaigns previously in FLL and FRC Competitions, Eric is now looking forward to step into the world of VEX by treating lasting partnerships with students and peers.

Eric Wen



High School and University Students who live and breathe STEM learning. Meet the Western Mechatronics Team. 

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