Feb 5, 2022

At the second Edmonton Vex Qualifying Tournament, not only did team 210Y win the entire tournament, but they also won the Excellence Award, the Skills Award, and the Judges Award. That’s the maximum amount of awards a team can win in any given tournament! Also, teams 2088F and 2088Z placed second, qualifying all three West Mech teams for the US Open. We’re so proud of all our West Mech teams. Congrats to every team that attended the event!

Dec 11, 2021

At the first Edmonton Vex Qualifying Tournament, teams 210Y and 2088Z won the tournament and team 2088F made it to the quarterfinals. 210Y also won the Excellence Award. Let's go teams!

Dec 04, 2021

Canada's First Youth-Led VEX Tournament Organizers

Watch the Chinook Cup Qualifying Event!

The Western Mechatronics & W.H. Croxford Chinook Cup Qualifying Event

Our first hosted tournament was a great success!

First and foremost, we would like to extend a huge thank you to VEX Robotics and W.H. Croxford for making this tournament possible! Here, Teams from all over Alberta took the opportunity to strengthen their love for robotics. We would like to also extend a huge thank you to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to keep the tournament running smoothly and ahead of schedule.

At the Chinook Cup, WestMech again displayed its engineering prowess with 210Y and 2088Z taking home tournament champions, team 2088W (grade 5-6 team) winning the Judges award. After Qualifications, 210Y placed 1st, 2088Z placed 3rd, 2088W placed 6th, 2088M placed 10th, and 2088F placed 13th. We're so proud of teams and their accomplishments!

After the success of our tournament, Western Mechatronics was selected by VEX to host the 2022 Alberta Provincial Championships