Due to the unforeseen circumstances of  COVID-19, some of our plans were cut short. Western Mechatronics hopes that everyone is safe, healthy, and encourages you to practice social distancing. As of now, we are planning our next steps for the upcoming months and we appreciate your patience. Between now and the 25th of April, we will be uploading a video series on YouTube to help you and your child to get started with and introduce the basics of Vex Robotics.  They will be short videos about how to start building, programming, and preparing your VEX Team (No purchases or software required.) Furthermore, we will open up an online message board on Discord, where like-minded students can ask questions and stay updated on all things robotics! Afterwards, we will be hosting a LIVE online Premiere of the 2020-2021 VEX Season Game Reveal on the 25th of April. We ask you to save the date and join us in the reveal of the new season’s game! Stay Safe!

April 20,  2020



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