DATE - October 23, 2021

Western Mechatronics is proud to host their second annual October scrimmage with teams 2405Z and 210X! Congratulations to team 210Y and 210X for winning the scrimmage in a nail-biting final! Great work teams and thanks for coming! To watch the recording of the scrimmage, click the button below.


DATE - January 9, 16, 23, 30,  2021

Western Mechatronics will be resuming our online lessons starting with our INTRO TO VEX ROBOTICS lessons that will be hosted for four consecutive Saturdays starting January 9th. The introductory course will cover basic programming with C++ as well as tips and tricks to get you started with designing your first VEX Robot! There is no experience required 


DATE - May 29, 2021

Following an amazing performance at the VEX Robotics World Championships, we are proud to congratulate team 210Y for winning the Innovate award, teams 2088W and 2088Z for winning the Sportsmanship Award, and team 2088E for winning their subdivision!  Excellent work teams!  To get more information about our Worlds experience, click here.

YHY Alberta 

DATE - January 3, 2021

Western mechatronics is proud to announce that we will be representing the Robotics Field in Youth Helping Youth Alberta's Conference for Youth-led non-profits. For more information about the conference visit YHY's Instagram page. The conference will be on January 3rd. See you there!


December 1, 2020


All team members have been contacted and we'll be moving online for the rest of this year. We are saddened to report this as we know as much as you that it's much harder to design robots virtually than in person, but we must stay diligent to ensure COVID-19 is under control. Stay safe and warm!


November 1, 2020

Western Mechatronics and 2088 welcome the newest edition of 2088's team roster. Team 2088Z consists of four middle school students: two in grade nine, and two in grade seven. We're excited to see what this group can do! 


October 2020

2088W, 2088E, and 2088X have all built their first prototypes were more than eager to put their robots to the test against each other in the first Western Mechatronics Official Scrimmage. Congratulations to Team E for taking home the tournament champion award as well as the highest skills score! Great job and keep up the good work!

No Simon.png

August 2020

From all the garnered support and interest displayed from our summer camp and virtual lessons, Western Mechatronics has decided to expand our horizons and we're excited to introduce Team 2088! Team 2088 includes 3 teams consisting of 4 middle school students each from schools all over Calgary. Each team is made up of first-years who are new to VEX. With the help and mentorship of team 210Y and ABS, these teams are going to design and build their own unique robots for the 2020-2021 season. The teams will be building their robots at our workshop office space in Downtown Calgary. We're looking forward to seeing you all in the arena soon!


July 2020

Thank you, parents, students, and mentors whom all helped make our first Summercamp a huge success! Together, we hosted a whole month of intuitive robotics learning, both virtually and in-person throughout Alberta! Furthermore, we hosted two major virtual tournaments where students experienced the thrill of competition, exactly as they would have seen at Provincials. We're thrilled to have you had you on this journey and we look forward to seeing you all again next year for Summercamp 2021!

210Y RI3D Reveal

April 28, 2020

Our very own team 210Y has uploaded their Robot-in-Three-Days (Ri3D) reveal. This is a very prestigious task in robotics competition culture accumulated 36K views! (as of December 2020)


April 25,  2020

VEX 2020-2021
Game Reveal

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our live watch-a-long of the VEX Robotics 2020-2021 Game Reveal! We're thrilled to experience Vex Robotics CHANGE UP with you all!


April 20,  2020


Due to the unforeseen circumstances of  COVID-19, some of our plans were cut short. Western Mechatronics hopes that everyone is safe, healthy, and encourages you to practice social distancing. As of now, we are planning our next steps for the upcoming months and we appreciate your patience. We will open up an online message board on Discord, where like-minded students can ask questions and stay updated on all things robotics! Afterwards, we will be hosting a LIVE online Premiere of the 2020-2021 VEX Season Game Reveal on the 25th of April. We ask you to save the date and join us in the reveal of the new season’s game! Stay Safe!