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Our robotics summer camp provides an in-depth experience of what it's like to be in a Vex team: From building your very first robot to learning how to program it. The summer camp is a great way for your son or daughter to find out whether they are interested in the field of Robotics and STEM. 

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Bigger, and Better

This year, we're levelling up our summer camp. We had an amazing response from our first summer camp, and we're back with a New, Bigger, and Better Robot. The robot will be custom-designed by the lead builder from the fifth-best VEX Team in the world, team 210Y. 

This isn't going to be your ordinary Clawbot.

AdvanceD Expereince

This year, we want to focus our emphasis on DESIGN. Students will first have the opportunity to build and program their  robot with the guidance of world-class teachers, and then evolve their robot by designing their own unique modifications using the Western Mechatronics Club parts inventory. 

Robotics Mini Camp
Grades 5+ No Experience Required 

Experience Tipping Point

The 2021 - 2022 Vex Robotics Competition Game, Tipping Point, is a unique game packed with ring tosses and see-saws. Robots have to score points by tossing rings into poles and by balancing mobile goals on giant tipping see-saws.  Experience the excitement of change up by building your very own Tipping Point Robot in three days.

Build At Home With Friends!

We will be providing all the parts, tools, and game elements you need to build your first robot at home! Just take our santized kits home and build! Robotics is a team experience, so we encourage you sign up with a friend or two to share the experience with! Kits are picked up in Calgary, AB.


Sample kit 

Included in the kit:

- Robot Parts & Instructions

- Tools (screwdrivers & wrenches)

- Game Elements 

- Anti-static mats 

All New Robot Design!

This year's robot is going to be nothing like last year's robot. It will be a custom-designed, never-before-seen robot that its designed by the lead builder from the fifth-best VEX Team in the world, team 210Y. This year's robot is much more advanced than a traditional Vex Clawbot. The robot's design will be comensurate with the robot pictured below.

Camp Schedule

The Robotics Mini Camp will run for three days. On the first day, you will receive your kits along with a brief introduction to the safety/rules with handling a robot. *Security Deposit Required* Students are then guided for the first days virtually with the help of teachers as they build and program their robot. On the final day, we invite all students to come to our Western Mechatronics Workshop (located in downtown Calgary) to modify their robots and then compete in a mini-tournament challenge. 

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

- Students Receive Robot kits & Start building

- Students finish building their robot

- Students program their robot using VexCode

- All Students are invited to come to the WestMech Workshop

- Students are given time to skirmish and add modifications to their bots

- Students battle in a tournament to declare the Mini Camp Champions!

- Return robot kits to Western Mechatronics

- Optional Parent Meeting about Club Teams

Camp Times

Day One:

9:30am - 10:30am

Pickup Robot Kits In Person at WestMech Workshop in Downtown

Rest of the day

Building the robot kit at home.

Day Two:

9:30am  - 10:30am 

Online lesson on Programming and progress checkup.

Rest of the day 

Finish building and programing the robot. 

Day Three:

9:30am - 3:00pm

Students come to the Westmech Workshop with their robots. Teams modify their bots and then compete.

Parents are invited to join to visit the workshop and watch the competition. 


Camp Registration

Camp fee is 315 CAD(GST included)

You can register with up to 2 friends (3 students total) per robot kit. The fee is split between the group members. (ex. 150 each for 2, 100 each for 3). But only one payment is required. If you are signing up as a group, please only register once with all the names of the students in the group. There are multiple teams (groups) per session. 

At the end of each session, the groups from that session will play each other in a tournament. Session 1 teams will not play Session 2 teams. There are only 6 sessions and limited number of groups per session. Sign up now before spots fill up! 

Spots are reserved after finishing the registration form for 24 hours. Spots will be confirmed after we received confirmation of payment. We'll send a confirmation email within 12 hours after receiving the payment. 

E-Transfer's only.  Include ALL students names in E-transfer Note. E-transfer to


After Registration

Your spot will be saved for 24hours. You will receive an email confirming your registration within 2 minutes after submitting. Please check all inboxes as it may end up in spam.  Upon submission please E-transfer $315.00 CAD (GST Included Already) to to secure your spot.


You can still signup for the wait list below. Wait list sessions are TBD.