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Worlds 2021

Each year, Vex robotics hosts the World Championship at the end of the season for the best of the best teams. This season, over 42,000 vex teams were registered and only the best 500 teams are invited to worlds. This year, 4/5 WestMech teams made it to worlds. 

Meet the Teams

Team 2088 Z

Meet team 2088Z and their robot, "Faker's son". 2088Z is the only middle school team at WestMech and sets the bar high with their amazing score of 109, which ranks them 270th in the world in the middle school division.

Team 2088 W

Meet team 2088W and their robot, "monkie". As the eldest team at WestMech, 2088W serves as a role model for their fellow teams. Currently, 2088W has a score of 174 combined points, which puts them 384th in the world. 

Team 210Y

For the 3rd time in a row, Team 210Y is competing at the World Championship for a shot at the Podium. 210Y recently placed 5th in the world with their skills score of 252 and 17s stop time. 

Team 2088 E

Meet team 2088E and their robot "cring". 2088E is a wild card middle school team competing in the high school division. With a score of 165, they are ranked 448th in the world. 


Welcome to the World Stage!

Every 2088 team is a first-year team. None of them have ever touched a vex robot prior to the 2020-2021 season. To qualify at the world championship in their first year is Each team has devoted more hundreds of hours to their robot and is eagerly waiting for their chance to show it off on the big stage.

The event runs from May 17 to May 29 and the entire event will be live-streamed to millions at home.

We're thrilled to share this amazing experience with you!  Our teams competed with passion and competitive spirit as they each took home an award.  We are currently working on our recap video but in the meantime check out the video recordings and results from the Vex Worlds Website!

Watch the Worlds Recap

First time Driving!
First time Driving!

First Designs
First Designs

2088E pre-worlds
2088E pre-worlds

First time Driving!
First time Driving!


It's been a long time beginning of the season in September 2020, robots were designed, laughs were shared, and memories were made. Take a trip back memory lane with us.

The Journey

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