High School and University Students who live and breathe STEM learning.

Meet the Western Mechatronics Team. 


Jonathan Zhou


Jonathan is a grade 12 Full IB student at Western Canada High school. He's the Lead Programmer for team 210Y. Jonathan is outgoing, hardworking, and enjoys helping others. He also plays volleyball and is the libero for his school's team.


Ian Wang


Ian is a grade 12 IB student at Western Canada High school and has always had an insatiable knack for building and inventing new designs. As the lead builder, designer, and driver for the Provincial Champion team 210Y, Ian looks to expand his talents and mentor the youth about robotics and engineering. 


Justin Zhou


Justin is a 4th-year student studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary. As a pioneer in VEX Robotics in Alberta and former team captain of team 6649C, Justin is a trailblazer for hands-on STEM learning. This year, Justin is evolving his VEX career as a builder for the new UofC vex team |ABS| and as a team coach for team 210Y. 

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Eric Wen

Director of External

Eric Wen is a grade 12 Full IB student at Western Canada High School. With decorated campaigns previously in FLL and FRC Competitions, Eric is now looking forward to step into the world of VEX by treating lasting partnerships with students and peers.


Melissa Xiao

Digital Content Manager

Melissa Xiao is a grade 10 student enrolled in full IB at Western Canada High School. She is a member of her school robotics team. Melissa is looking forwards to revolutionizing the Robotics education space with WestMech. 


Caroline Liu

Business manager 

Caroline Liu is a grade 12 student from Tempo School in Edmonton, Alberta. She is experienced in marketing and interpersonal communications, and eagerly seeks opportunities to diversify her knowledge in various STEM fields. She aspires to learn more about robotics and expand WestMech's impact with her team.