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VEX IQ Robotics STEM Labs

Coming Soon!

Design, Program, Compete

Designed for students in grades 4 - 7


Tuesdays: 5:30 - 7:30 PM



  • basic engineering

  • sensor-based programming

  • autopilot algorithms

  • mechanical principles

and more!


The Lessons

*Completion of previous course required before advancing to the next level



Understanding of...

  • the engineering design process

  • building components and electronics

  • basic mechanisms

    • drive trains and gear ratios

  • basic mechanical principles

    • mechanical advantage, center of mass, and spatial reasoning

  • usage of simple sensors for task-based programs

  • simple scratch-based programming 

  • applications for software and mechanical devices



Ability to...

  • describe required systems in a robot

  • use advanced building techniques

  • use scratch-based programming logic

    • nested loops and case conditions

  • use advanced sensors in task-based programs

  • navigate robots autonomously (without user input)​​



Proficiency in...

  • utilizing engineering process to solve complex games/challenges

  • effective and efficient teamwork and communication

  • effective and efficient mechanical builds

  • programming robots to behave autonomously for the challenges

  • robotics skills

    • able to join our club teams and compete

Lesson Format

Notes taken from VEX’s SPARK


eek:  Build an engineering design with provided guidelines. Learn what the functions are, experiment with why it works, mechanisms behind it, and how to explain it in engineering terms.

lay:  Play with the build and learn about the context behind the skills and concepts in the lesson.

pply:  Discover how the concepts are utilized in daily and real-world applications. How can you   use these concepts give you an advantage in competitions?

e-think:  Explore further with the design through challenges. Modify and enhance the build with the newly gained skills.

now:  Review concepts taught through assignments and questions.

Next session coming soon

Registration for our STEM Labs is currently unavailable, but more lessons are coming soon!

IMPORTANT: If you do register your child for our STEM Labs, make sure they bring a laptop for the lessons!


About Western Mechatronics

​Western Mechatronics Robotics Club is Canada’s first and only student-led non-profit robotics education organization. We build the next generation of STEM leaders, innovators, and inventors through robotics education and competition.


Learn from the best. Our teachers are the captains of the 3rd ranked VEX team in the world (Out of 22,000 teams). They are also the 2022 World Championship Division Semifinalists and have over six years of VEX Robotics experience.

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