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Summer Camp 2020


Introducing a new way of learning

The response from our Robotics Information Session was extremely strong. All the children in the event, despite their ages, showed high interest the moment we began the live demonstration of our Vex Robot. The main goal of Western Mechatronics is to connect youth with robotics opportunities through Vex Robotics Competitions. Your child will begin a journey in robotics from design, assembly, programming, driving, fine tuning, all the way to competition, within 2 weeks of learning they will have made their first Vex Robot and to explore a potential for their own private team-based environment supported by Western Mechatronics. Interested children are welcome to join with your friends who share the same interests (preferably near your home) for the establishment of a potential private team in August. Registration channel is now open.

Begin your Vex Journey

The Summer camps are a great way for you son or daughter to find out whether they are interested in the field of Robotics and STEM.  We are giving you all the essentials of a Vex team, from building your very first robot, to learning how to program and drive it, all the way to competing in a tournament for awards.  We are providing just a snapshot of what it feels like to be on a vex team. Throughout this, we will be providing support and guiding you guys through each process.


This is a full package deal.

World Class Education

The Summer camps are all taught and led by people with over six years of Vex Robotics experience. Many of these alumni have gone to very successful universities.  We will provide you with robotics education unrivaled by other camps and institutions, our team of educators will ensure that you will learn valuable skills not taught at schools.

Camp Schedule

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The 2020 Summercamp has concluded 

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Complete Hands-ON Experience

Robotics is all about working with your hands. That's why students who participate in the Virtual Summer Camp will have access to their very own Rental Clawbot Kit. Kits will be available at the 210Y Studio, where families can see firsthand what a private team's workshop looks like. Kits will be sanitized and will come ready-to-use just like how it would have been at the camp! 

Comprehensive VEX Online Lessons 

Online On

Through our team of University and High School Student teachers, we've brought out an all-encompassing Robotics Curriculum designed for virtual learning. We'll cover everything from an in-depth coverage of programming in C++ in VEXcode to a profound review of mechanics and design. Throughout 2 weeks, all students can schedule optional 1 on 1 tutorial times with the teachers to ask questions about the material. 

Competition Ready

In the end, we want more students with hands on robots and to increase the competitive edge of robotics in Alberta. Therefore, students who finish the online course will be given the option to begin their very own private team. With the knowledge they've learned, your son/daughter and their friends can start their own team to compete in the 2020-2021 VEX robotics Competition! Western Mechatronics will aid in registering the team, as well as help out in key points of design.

*available only in the Calgary area

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