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WestMech Black 

Top 10 in Canada
Alberta Provincial Champions
World Championship Competitior

Black teams are the most committed and competitive teams at WestMech. They represent our best students and demonstrate their skills at international tournaments. Each student on these teams has been hand-picked by our coaches and mentors. The students have 5-day access to our workshop and can work on their robots whenever they want. Currently, there are nine members on two WestMech Black teams. There is no application for these teams.


Current Teams

Team 210F

4 Middle School Students

1st in Words 2022 - Middle School Division


Alberta Provincials Middle School Excellence Award

1x Worlds Energy Award

1x Excellence Award

1x Tournament Finalists

210F Photo.jpg

Team 210Z

5 High School Students

Alberta Provincial Finalists
Top 10 teams in Canada
2x Tournament Champs
1x Tournament Finalists
1x US Open Mega Alliance Finalists

210Z Photo.jpg
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