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Immerse yourself in the world of programming in this 8-class course

Learn python, sensors, and logic
build your own projects
No experience is required!

CLASS Itinerary 


  • “Hello World”

  • Introduction to the world of programming with a simple program that will display “Hello World” on the interface screen. This will teach students about the interactions between computer programs and real-world interfaces.



  • Variables/Lists

  • Introduction to creating variables and lists in Python. Variable and lists are important methods to store data and retrieve them when it is needed.  



  • Tic Tac Toe

  • We will build a simple game of Tic Tac Toe using the variable and lists that were taught in the previous class. We will also instruct them on simple logic to determine win conditions.


  • If / Else

  • Simon Says

  • In this class, students will learn about if/else conditions and how to execute a line of code “if” something happens and execute another line “else” when another condition is fulfilled. We will also let them code a simple game of Simon Says using if/else statements.



  • For, While Loop

  • The students will learn about the for and while loops to keep a certain line of code running under a certain condition. They will also learn about the difference between for and while loops and where to use them effectively.


  • Crocodile Game

  • We will program a crocodile game to have our students use the for and while loops to make conditions for the crocodile to bite. Each of the students can program their own conditions and have other students figure out what the conditions are.


  • Functions

  • Students will learn about how to create functions and gain a greater understanding of premade functions already available. They will also learn how to call their functions, input into functions and extract information from the functions.


  • Pong

  • Students will combine all the knowledge they learned in the classes to create an individualized pong game! This game will test all that they learned in the classes and will require the students put all that they have learned into practice.


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