Choose from a handful of courses and programs that are suited for all students of all skill levels! From beginner classes to advanced programs, there's a course for every student. We offer unrivalled online workshops taught by world-class VEX Robotics competitors.  

"Western Mechatronics is a club that activates your thinking and skills in mechatronics. Westmech teaches you everything you have to know about robotics. This is an amazing experience for the learner!"

Nolan W. Former Online Class Student


Summer Camps

Our Summer "Boot Camps" are the best way to get started in robotics. Design, program, build, and drive your first robot in one-week summer camps!

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Check out our collection of online classes! Choose to either tune in to recorded classes or live classes on zoom!


Club team

Introducing the 2088 Vex robotics competitive team! Join a group of 4 and visit the Westmech workshop every weekend to design, build, and compete your very own robot against other teams across Alberta!