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VEX Robotics is the world’s largest robotics competition. Each year, VEX releases a new engineering challenge where students design, build, and program robots to complete the challenge using VEX robotics parts. Teams then compete against each other in tournaments hosted across the world.



Western Mechatronics is a student-run non-profit association dedicated to providing robotics opportunities to middle school and high school students. We run online lessons, hands-on summer camps, and Competitive Vex Competition Club Teams.

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First of its Kind


Our Competition Club program is the first out-of-school program in Alberta that enables students to compete in Vex Robotics Competitions.




With 4 Teams qualified for the World Championships and a Top 2 Placement from 210Y last season, our teams are world-class competitors having won several awards, including Sub-Division Champions, Innovate, and Sportsmanship 




In one season, we started four new vex robotics teams composed of 15 innovative middle school students.  Four teams is equivalent to 15% of all the teams in Alberta. 

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Value of Partnership

Partnering with Western Mechatronics will help our small group of driven students design and build their best robot yet. We are a non-profit organization; your aid will cover the cost of parts, venues, transportation, and tournament fees. In return, your organization will have the opportunity to reach a large audience of intellectual aspiring engineers, as well as exposure on our robots, website, and social media.

Partnership Tiers

Your Organization's Logo on Our Website and Social Media

Your organization’s logo will be featured on our website under our partners. The higher the tier, the more prominent the logo will be. Your organization will also be featured on our instagram, youtube, discord and facebook page with 1000+ followers. 

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Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Sponsors

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Your Organization's Logo on our Team Banner and Robot Crate

Your organization’s logo will be featured on a large banner as well as on robot transportation crates that will be brought to tournaments. The higher the tier, the larger the logo will be. Your logo will receive light exposure at all of the tournaments our teams attend across North America.


Silver Gold Platinum Sponsors

Your Organization's Logo on our Team Apparel

Your organization’s logo will be featured on our team apparel; this includes T-Shirts, Jerseys, hoodies, caps, and sweatpants.The higher the tier, the larger and more centered the logo will be. Team apparel will be worn at all tournaments our teams attend across North America. 

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 Gold Platinum Sponsors

Your Organization's Logo on all our Competition Robots

Your organization’s logo will be featured on all our team’s robots. The logo will receive major exposure at all the tournaments our teams attend across North America and will be highlighted in all our reveal videos on Youtube. Our last Youtube reveal video had more than 48 thousand views. High-performing robots might be highlighted in live tournament broadcasts and finals matches.


 Gold Platinum Sponsors

Opening or Closing Remarks at Western Mechatronics Tournaments

A representative from your organization will be invited to speak at our Western Mechatronics Tournaments. Tournaments will have up to 32 teams in attendance from across the province. The tournament will be named after your organization, which will be visible on the Robotevents Tournament registration page. Additionally, we will set up a booth for your organization at the tournament.

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 Platinum Sponsors



Below is a tentative schedule of all the tournaments that our teams plan to attend this season. Highlighted Tournaments  are Signature events, which are large and prestigious tournaments in the Vex Community. Thanks to your support, we are able to travel to all these tournaments across the continent!

  • WestMech Season Opener - Calgary, AB

  • Master's Early Bird Tournament - Calgary, AB

  • Bowness Bot Battle - Calgary, AB

  • Airdrie Regional Tournament - Airdie, AB

  • ABJ Regional Tournament - Edmonton, AB

  • Master's Christmas Tournament - Calgary, AB

  • BC Regional Tournament - Vancouver, BC

  • WestMech Christmas Tournament - Calgary, AB

  • Return of the Robots - Vancouver, BC

  • Churchill Provincial Qualifier - Calgary, AB

  • Battle at the Border  - Niagra Falls, ON

  • IDesign Tournament - Brampton, ON

  • Night at the Museum  - Chantilly, Virgina

  • Google Signature Event  - Sunnyvale, California

  • Kalahri Classic - Sandusky, Ohio

  • WAVE at the WPI - Worchester, Massachusetts

  • Wisconsin Showdown - Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Alberta Provnicals - Calgary, AB

  • US Open - Council Bluffs, Iowa

  • World Championship - Dallas, Texas

  • And more!

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