Over the past week, three WestMech teams competed at the US OPEN national tournament. This tournament is the second biggest tournament in the world and 93 of the best robotics teams competed in it. Our teams brought back many W's from the tournament, representing Canada on the world stage!

Team 210y had a record of 11-2, ranking SECOND overall in their division. Although they were eliminated in semifinals, they won the Build Award and the Sportsmanship Award. Many judges, competitors, adults, and refs considered their robots one of the best robots at the event.

Team 2088Z was ranked 1st in their division for the first half of qualifications, but due to a few bad calls, ended qualifications ranked 21st. They were eliminated in the round of 16 but secured the finalist trophy for the mega alliance challenge! They also scored a combined skills score of 463, making them the 8th ranked high school team in all of Canada!

Team 2088F held one of the highest win point ratios of all the teams in the tournament, with their autonomous win point routine being one of the best of all teams at US Open. They scored a combined skills score of 322, making them the 9th ranked middle school team in all of Canada! They ranked 13th in their division out of 42 teams and ended as quarterfinalists.

Also, Western Mechatronics mentor Justin Zhou won the Mentor of the Year Award! Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Up next is the world championship, happening in Dallas this May. We're going all out to bring home some more hardware!

February 19, 2022

210Y travelled down to Silicon Valley over the weekend to compete in one of the largest VEX robotics completions in the states. It was the first time the team has travelled outside of Canada to compete (since Worlds was cancelled the past two years) and they did not disappoint.

More than 15 of the top 50 teams in the world competed at this event. The competition was fierce, and hundreds of spectators came to watch these robots. Despite ending the qualifications round ranked 63rd, 210Y was selected by team 2145Z and won 4 rounds in eliminations to make it to the grand finals!

In the end, the entire stadium was cheering for 210Y and their alliance. Online, teams watching the livestream were chanting “In 210Y We Trust 🙏”. It was amazing to see the energy and enthusiasm come alive and we thank all the teams that supported them throughout this journey.

In the end, 210Y just missed securing the first place trophy, and ended as tournament finalists. It was certainly the most intense, rewarding, and competitive experience they’ve had yet.

210Y is not done with the states just yet. In March, they’re coming back, along with team 2088F and 2088Z to take on the US OPEN, a national tournament with 100 teams that lasts 3 days. Stay tuned on our Instagram account for the latest updates.

Special thanks to team 2616Z for giving 210Y a ride to and from the venue, team 2145Z for selecting 210Y and being amazing alliance partners, and all the other teams and friends we met at the tournament! We truly couldn’t have done it without you.